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Highly Recommended: – Locally produced website with a wealth of information – Locally produced website, superb photographs and much much more.

 Nineonesix – Professional guiding.

Eating Out:

 Torridon Stores & Cafe   

 Applecross Inn and Restaurant

 Shieldaig Hotel and Restaurant

 Torridon Inn and Restaurant

Whistle Stop Cafe, at Torridon Community Hall

Gille-Brighde Cafe and Restaurant, Diabaig


 Torridon Mountain Rescue Team

 ScotRail – local rail services

 Traveline –  Travel planner


Bed and Breakfast accommodation. No evening meal. All bedrooms have en-suite shower, hand basin and toilet, television, tea and coffee making facilities. Free WiFi. Free parking. Free breakfast. No pets. No children. From £50 (GBP) per person per night. 2 nights minimum booking.